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Multilingual Publications

  Title Language Available at
E C P T S K Ta
General Utsunomiya City Guide for Everyday Living   Alien Registration Section, International Plaza, etc.
"Point-and-Speak" Phrase Booklet     Allen Registration Section, International Plaza
Garbage Guide for sorting and disposing of recyclable resources and waste     Alien Registration Section, District Shimin Centers, Waste Reduction Promotion Division, etc.
Clean Park Mobara Incineration Plant            
Map Map of UTSUNOMIYA             Tourism Promotion Division, Utsunomiya Tourism and Convention Association, Utsunomiya Tourism Center (JR Utsunomiya Station)
Sightseeing Welcome! UTSUNOMIYA            
Health Insurance National Health Insurance Guidebook     National Health Insurance and Pension Division
Maternal and
Child Health
Maternal and Child Health Handbook   City Hall, Tomiya District Shimin Center, Hiraishi District Shimin Center, Sugatagawa District Shimin Center, Kami-kawachi District Jichi Center, Kawachi District Jichi Center
Polio Vaccination Questionnaire   Division of Public Health and Disease Control and Prevention
Certificate of Vaccination            
HIV/AIDS and You
About your [HIV test] result
Education Guidebook for Starting School   School Education Division
Guide [to Elementary and Lower Secondary Education in Utsunomiya City]   School Education Division, International Plaza
[Education Policy Measures of Utsunomiya City for Foreign Students]   School Education Division, School Administration Division, International Plaza
[School Expense Subsidy Program]       School Administration Division
Guidance for Entering High School   Faculty of International Studies Utsunomiya University
Facilities Library Guide       Libraries
National Historic Site Tobiyama Castle Park             Tobiyama History Experience Center (Tobiyama Rekishitaikenkan)
Utsunomiya Archaeological Site [on National Historic Site Negoyadai Archaeological Site]             Utsunomiya Archaeological Park (Utsunomiya Iseki no Hiroba)
National Important Cultural
Property Former Shinohara Residence
            Former Shinohara Residence (Kyu-Shinoharake-Jutaku)
VISITING THE MUSEUM             Utsunomiya Museum of Art
Utsunomiya Museum of Art            
Utsunomiya Fairy Museum             Utsunomiya Fairy Museum


  Organization Language URL
General Tochigi International Association
Guide to Living in Tochigi
E http://tia21.or.jp/life/english/index.html
C http://tia21.or.jp/life/chinese/
P http://tia21.or.jp/life/portuguese/index.html
S http://tia21.or.jp/life/spanish/index.html
Council of Local Authorities for International Relations
Living Guide Hello
13 languages
incl. J
News NHK
NHK World
18 languages
incl. J
Health Care International Community Hearty Konandai & Kanagawa International Foundation
Multilingual Medical Questionnaire
18 languages
incl. J
AMDA International Medical Information Center 8 languages
incl. J
Japanese Learning Agency for Cultural Affairs
Handbook of Learning Japanese and Life in Japan
6 languages
incl. J
Education Utsunomiya University
Foreign Students Support Council
HANDS Project
J http://www.djb.utsunomiya-u.ac.jp/
Visa Status Immigration Bureau of Ministry of Justice 6 languages
incl. J