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Driver’s License and Public Transit

Getting a Japanese Driver’s License

There are two ways to get a Japanese driver’s license: converting a foreign driver’s license to a Japanese driver’s license and taking the driver’s license test. Both procedures are handled by the Driver’s License Center.

Inquiries Tochigi Prefectural Driver’s License Center
Location 681, Shimo-ishikawa, Kanuma City
Phone 0289-76-0110

If you want to convert your driver’s license to a Japanese driver’s license at the center, your driver’s license must be accompanied by an official Japanese translation, which is available from the consular office of your country in Japan or from the Japan Automobile Federation (JAF).

Inquiries Japan Automobile Federation Tochigi Chapter (JAF)
Location 2-4-6, Imamiya, Utsunomiya City
Phone 028-659-3231
Days and Hours Monday through Friday, 10:00-17:00 (closed on national holidays and during the year-end and New Year holidays)

Public Transit

Public transit in Utsunomiya includes JR and Tobu Railway lines as well as Kanto Jidosha, Toya Kotsu and JR Bus Kanto bus lines with JR Utsunomiya Station Bus Terminal as one of the hub terminals. In the city center, Kibuna (yellow gibel) buses circulate. A community bus service is available in the Kamikawachi district. You can travel to airports and other prefectures by highway bus.

Inquiries Phone URL
Kanto Jidosha 028-634-8131 http://www.kantobus.co.jp/
JR Bus Kanto Utsunomiya 028-687-0671 http://www.jrbuskanto.co.jp/office/utsunomiya.html
City Loop Bus Kibuna 028-634-8133 https://www.city.utsunomiya.tochigi.jp/kurashi/kotsu/kokyo/1006069.html
Kamikawachi Community Bus 028-674-2301 https://www.city.utsunomiya.tochigi.jp/kurashi/kotsu/kokyo/1006071.html
Kanto Jidosha Airport Limousine 028-638-1730 https://www.kantobus.co.jp/airport/airline.php

Taxis are available at taxi stands in front of stations, among other locations. You can also call a taxi company for pick-up service. Taxi fares differ in accordance with the size of the vehicle, the distance travelled and the travel speed, among other factors. Rates are raised late at night and in the early morning.